Each and every product belonging to a particular Company is targeted at a specific market. The product is designed, launched and marketed keeping in mind the market requirements. Hence, it is imperative that the target market be studied with a lot of precision. Market survey Questionnaire is a great way to study the market and derive information from the same. Based on the information, the Company makes well informed decisions about the product.

Market Survey Questionnaire Sample

1. What is your Gender?

a. Male

b. Female

2. Which age group do you belong to?





e. Above 45

3. What is your Nationality?

4. Which part from the country are you from?

5. What is your profession?

a. Doctor

b. Teacher

c. Manager

d. Banker

e. Engineer

f. Businessman

g. In case of others, please specify.

6. What is your annual income?

a. Less than $500

b. Less than $1000

c. Less than $1500

d. Less than $200

e. In case of others, please specify….

7. How much of your income do you spend on luxury items?


b. 35%






8. How often do you shop for various luxurious items?

a. Once a week

b. Twice a week

c. Fortnightly

d. Once a month

e. Incase of others, please specify…

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