Each and every company requires marketing executives in order to comprehensively sell its god or service to the targeted customers. For the purpose of recruiting the marketing personnel, the marketing interview survey is an effective tool. The survey is intended to ask specific questions to the concerned individual to assess his/her ability to be an able recruit in the marketing department.

Marketing Interview Survey Sample

1. Will you go door to door for marketing a product?

  1. Never
  2. May be
  3. Yes

2. Will you take the responsibility of meeting the incomplete target of your colleague?

  1. Only if there is enough incentive
  2. Only if I am not busy
  3. Never
  4. Depends on my personal relation with the particular colleague

3. What sort of marketing strategies you intend to apply?

  1. The traditional ones
  2. Innovative with an air of freshness
  3. A combination of both traditional and new strategies
  4. Don’t want to reveal the nature of strategies

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