Marketing research company survey is initiated by the research company to obtain the definite customer feedback by designing qualitative and quantitative questionnaires. This survey is spread by e-mails and other online methods.

Marketing Research Companies Surveys Sample:

Q1. Have you ever taken any marketing research company survey prior to this?

(a) Yes. Many times

(b) Once

(c) At few times

(d) Never

Q2. Did the company paid you to complete the marketing research survey?

(a) Yes. I was paid

(b) No

Q3. How do you find participating in marketing research survey?

(a) Excellent

(b) Good experience

(c) Just Ok

(d) Not so good

Q4. The marketing research survey which you have attained recently was related to:

(a)                        Brand

(b)                        Product

(c) Service

(d)                        Others

Q5. Did you find any drawbacks in the marketing research company’s surveys?

(a)                        Yes( please provide the details)

(b)                        No

Q6. Is there anything which you would like to suggest so as to improve the format of marketing research company’s surveys?



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