Marketing salary survey is one of the effective ways to research and analyze the salary of a marketing professional. These types of surveys help to know the current salary pattern in the marketing sector.

Marketing Salary Survey Sample

1) What is the entry level salary per annum for the marketing graduates?

  1. Less than 3lakh
  2. 3-5 lakh
  3. More than 5 lakh

2) Does the rate of salary vary between each department of the management widely?

  1. Yes, greatly
  2. Not much
  3. Depends on the designation

3) What is the salary per annum for the experienced marketing professionals?

  1. 5-10lakh
  2. Between 10-12 lakh
  3. Below 5 lakh

4) If the company suffers financial loss, will there be any difference in the salary?

  1. Yes, certainly it affects
  2. No not all
  3. Depends until it is not big loss

5) marketing

  1. About 10,000
  2. More than 10,000

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