MBA salary survey gives complete idea on the current salary status of various companies for their management employees. These surveys helps management fresher’s to acquire and analyze the present salary trend.

MBA Salary Survey Sample

1) What is the salary per annum for MBA fresher’s at your company?

  1. Around 2.5 lakh
  2. More than 2.5lakh

2) How often there is an increment?

  1. Within 1years
  2. 1-2.5years
  3. Depends upon the performance

3) What is the rate of allowances you get per annum?

  1. Less than 50,000
  2. More than 50,000

4) Which is the highest paid department of management?

  1. Marketing and sales
  2. Finance
  3. HR
  4. It depends

5) Do you think that salary that you get is as per your qualification?

  1. Yes, certainly
  2. Its neither much nor less
  3. It is quite insufficient

6) How many times you have received performance bonus till date?

  1. Not even a single time
  2. 1-2 times
  3. More than 2 times

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