A medical expenditure survey is a crucial survey that is intended to find out the exact expenditure break up of a person or a family for health purposes. The survey is generally conducted by medical practitioners, medical analysts and pharmaceutical houses. The people who take the survey belong to every facet of the society. This survey is an essential tool to maneuver qualitative analysis to streamline the medical expenses.

Sample Medical Expenditure Survey:

1. How much budget do allocate on a monthly basis for your medical expenses?

a. $50 to $100

b. $100 to $500

c. More than $500

2. Do you have a medical insurance?

a. Yes

b. No

3. What is the total amount of your medical coverage?


4. What is the approximate annual bill on medicines taken by your family?


5. Tell the total amount of the charges of vaccinations that the children in your family have undergone.


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