Medical student stress survey focus on those issues that create stressful conditions for medical students. Medical student has to go through hectic study schedules, project works and other such academic burdens and thus these survey questions tries to reveal those causes that create stress in students.

Medical Student Stress Survey Sample

1. What are those general problems that make you tense and worrisome?

A. Tough assignments

B. Failure in submission of projects

C. Bad grades in semester exam.

D. Teacher’s behavior.

2. Are you happy with the environment of hostel and college?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. I can adjust.

3. Do you usually feel tired, lack of hunger and sleep, helpless etc.

A. Yes.

B. Sometimes.

C. Often

D. Never.

4. How is the behavior of your peer group, co-mates with you?

A. Friendly

B. Supportive.

C. Arrogant.

D. Hostile

5. How you see your life in college?

A. Tough.

B. Smooth.

C. Stressful.

D. Overburdened.

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