A medical symptom survey is done in order to get the indications of a particular health ailment. On many occasions it becomes difficult to diagnose the disease at first instant or from initial check-up. The medical symptom survey, to an extent, help in assessing the current medical state of the person taking the survey. The doctors and medical analysts who conduct the survey use the information to get to the root o the symptom.

Sample Medical Symptom Survey:

1. Do you feel any breathing problem in your day to day schedule?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Sometimes

2. Have you ever suffered from extreme mental stress?

a. Yes

b. No

3. Do you have muscle pain in your abdomen or back or in limbs?

a. In abdomen

b. At back

c. In limbs

d. All of them

e. Any two of the options

f. None of these

4. Do you feel problem in seeing/hearing/speaking?

a. Seeing

b. Hearing

c. Speaking

d. All of them

e. None of these

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