In order to make the leadership more focused and streamlined in all respects, it is essential that it consists of the multifactor element. The leadership with a one-dimensional approach is wholesome and is bound to crumble. The one with a multifaceted approach with controlled flexibility stays on and grows stronger. The multifactor leadership survey has the objective of assessing the various dimensions of leadership of the respondents.

Multifactor Leadership Survey Sample

1. If there are two tasks on hand, how will you lead your team?

  1. I will direct separate team members for performing the two tasks.
  2. I will handle one of the tasks with more focus than the other, depending on the gravity of the task.

2. If there are differences in team members over an issue, how will you manage?

  1. I will make them understand the common priority of achieving the target.
  2. I will redistribute the spectrum of responsibilities.
  3. I will give more preference to the more efficient team members.

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