A nanny is the person who looks after the small kids when the parents of the kids are away from homes or busy at managing daily chores at the home. A nanny should be very caring and diligently take into account the specific needs of the small children. A nanny interview survey is a questionnaire for choosing the person most suitable to become a nanny.

Nanny Interview Survey Sample

1. What do you think is the most important activity to manage a restless kid?

  1. Talking to him/her
  2. Mildly scolding him/her
  3. By-passing his/her demands
  4. Giving him/her toys

2. Do you think beating a kid is required to keep him/her in control?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Sometimes

3. How will you help the kid in growing up?

  1. By reading story-books
  2. By playing with him/her
  3. Both the above options

4. If the kid does not listen to you what will you do?

  1. Scold him/her
  2. Talk to him/her more politely
  3. Any other action (mention ________ )

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