New Employee Survey is an innovative statistical device that is used during the induction process of an employee. The New Employee Survey tells the company what are the new employees’  expectation from the company. Later during the review or assessment period, this feedback comes in handy. All over the world, companies are using the New Employee Survey to retain its employees.

New Employee Survey

1. How was your interview process?

2. Please elaborate how was your induction process?

a. As expected

b. Below expectation

c. Above Expectation.

3. Is this your first job?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Is this your campus placement?

a. Yes

b. No

5. What is your total number of work experience?

a. 1 year

b. 2 years

c. 3 years

d. 4 years

e. 5 years

6. What is your expectation from this company?

7. Did your previous company motivate you to do better?

a. Yes

b. No

8. Why did you quit your last job?

9. How many jobs have you changed till now?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

e. More than Four

10. Mention your type of Industry?

a. Engineer

b. Medicine

c. Electronics

d. Retail

e. Insurance

f. Banking

g. Telecommunication

h. Education

i. Legal

j.   Aerospace

k. In case of others, please specify…

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