Whenever a new employee joins a company he is usually on a period of probation. This period works both ways – for the employee and the employer. The employee is judged and evaluated. After a period of 30-60 days the new hire is asked to give a feedback on the working conditions and level of satisfaction with the new company. The new hire is asked to give inputs and suggestions for improvement. Thus the new hire survey is meant to evaluate the new hire’s mental level. Once a certain period of time has elapsed the new hire is better entrenched in the ways of the company and has formed a fresh perspective.

New Hire Survey Sample

1. How were you recruited by the company?

a. Through employment agency

b. Through referral

c. Other

2. How do you find the working conditions in the company?

a. Average

b. Satisfactory

c. Good

3. What motivates you to work harder?

a. Award

b. Recognition

c. Self satisfaction

4. How satisfied are you with your manager’s leadership abilities?

a. Not satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. Extremely satisfied

5. Do you see yourself working with the company ten years from now?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Would you recommend us as a good place to work?

a. Yes

b. No

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