Occupational stress survey is related to those problems that occur at work place. Arrogant boss, bullying co-mates or bad performance etc. are some common issues that a person may face in his office. The occupational survey questions cover these problems and response of people towards them.

Occupational Stress Survey Sample

Q1.  Are you going through occupational stress, if yes than what are the reasons?

A. Tough job

B. Unfriendly co-mates

C. Boss’s behavior

D. Hectic tasks.

Q2.  Has your office administration taken any action to reduce the stress burden on employees?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Sometimes they arrange counseling

D. We discuss such things with each other.

Q3.  What is the most stressing part of your work occupation?

A. Odd duty hours

B. Daily new troublesome tasks

C. High expectations of management.

D. Non-cooperating staff.

Q4.  Would you like to change your job?

A.   Yes.

B.    No.

C.   Only if get similar compensation.

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