Online banking survey is used by banks to have an idea about the customer satisfaction as far as the banking services provided by a particular bank are concerned. Nowadays, most of the banks tend to use this technique to better their services.

Online Banking Survey Sample

  1. How long you are using the online banking facility of our bank?
  1. Less than a year
  2. More than a year

2)Are you satisfied with this online banking facility?

  1. I’m highly satisfied
  2. Not that much
  3. Not at all

3)Does it work effectively and timely while transferring money to a third party account?

  1. Definitely
  2. Never, works properly

4)Do you find the interface of online banking user-friendly?

  1. Yes, certainly
  2. It is difficult to understand

5)Did you ever face any kind of difficulty in accessing your account through online banking?

  1. Very often
  2. May be once
  3. Never at all

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