Online customer satisfaction survey is an effective tool to estimate the satisfaction level of customers. This survey is organized by a company or can be conducted by hiring some paid survey company. Online customer satisfaction survey can be initiated via e-mail or at the time of online shopping.

Online Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. Are you satisfied with our online assistance provided to you in product selection?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Somewhat satisfied

(c) Not much satisfied

Q2. Rate your experience with online services of our organization.

(a)                        Outstanding

(b)                        Very good

(c) Satisfactory

(d)                        Average

(e)                        Poor

Q3. Are you satisfied with the packaging in which you receive our product?

(a)                        Yes absolutely

(b)                        Could be better

(c) No, not at all

Q4. Kindly rate our online technical support and website accessibility?

(a)                        Brilliant

(b)                        Very good

(c) Just Ok

(d)                        Poor

Q5. Would you like to shop with us again?

(a)                        Yes, surely

(b)                        No

(c) Not sure

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