An online fun as the name depicts is a survey which is taken online for the fun sake. This survey is a collection of funny and weird questions with the motive of entertaining the user. The questions help in analyzing the sense of humor of an individual.

Sample Online Fun Survey

1. If the aliens attack the earth one day and a war broke out, whose side will you take?

a) Earthlings

b) Aliens

c) Whoever has better technology

2. What do you do, when no one is watching you?


3. If you ever became the producer of a film, what will be the genre of the film?

a) Suspense

b) Action

c) Comedy

d) Thriller

e) Drama

4. What would you do if someone with a bad dressing sense came to your party?


5. If you are stuck in an island, what is that one thing that you would like to carry with you?


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