Online health survey is a set of questionnaire that is used to have an idea about the health of a person. This survey is generally prepared by hospitals or medical associations. An individual can take the online health survey to understand whether he suffers form any health problems or not.

Online Health Survey Sample

1. What is your age and mention the gender?

a. Below 20

b. 20 to 35

c. 35 to 50

d. Above 50 Gender: _____________________

2. Do you have heart diseases?

a. Yes

b. No

3. Have you ever been hospitalized?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Do you have any complications like high or low blood pressure, cholesterol etc?

a. Yes, have certain complications like _______________

b. I am absolutely fit

5. Do you feel extremely tired after coming from your workplace?

a. Mostly

b. Seldom

c. Always

6. Do you ever experience any sudden but intense pain in any of your body parts?

a. Yes, many a times

b. Might be once

c. Never

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