Online product surveys are initiated by sending e- mails, online purchases and visiting websites. Online survey is one of the best tools to get the feedback of customers and long term clients when a manual response of customer is not possible. With this technique, an organization can improve product quality and hype its business.

Online Product Survey Sample:

Q1. What do you like the most about this product? Describe in three lines?

Q2. How often would you like to visit our websites to purchase products?

  • o Once in a month
  • o Once in six months
  • o Once in a year
  • o First time

Q3.How do you evaluate our product and brand in the following factors?

  • o Trustworthy
  • o Durable
  • o Good quality
  • o Cost effective

Q4.How do you rate this product?

  • o Excellent
  • o Very good
  • o Average
  • o poor

Q5.Would you like to suggest our product to others?

  • o Yes
  • o No

Q6. Give us your overall feedback about our online services and product performance?

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