Online research survey is a widely used technique to measure the performance of an organization in terms of customer satisfaction. In this survey, miscellaneous question are asked based on quality, availability and durability.

Online Research Surveys Sample:

Q1. Have you ever attended any online survey with us?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Do not remember

Q2.  Which factor influences you the most while you chose any brand or service?

(a) Availability

(b) Price

(c) Performance

(d) Durability

(e) After sales service

Q3. Which of the following methods would you prefer to shop goods?

(a) Online

(b) Manual

(c) Order by phone

(d) Nothing specific, mix of all

Q4. According to you, which source of communication is the best to trust and try a new brand?

(a) Television

(b) Newspaper

(c) Internet

(d) Acquaintance

Q5. How do you generally promote and advise any brand, source and product to your friends?

(a) Reference

(b) Offering samples

(c) Suggesting reviews

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