Online salary survey is an online survey that helps to understand the current salary market. This type of survey helps an individual that what is the prevailing salary in a particular sector.

Online Salary Survey Sample

1) Which describe your present employment activity best?

  1. Part Time employee
  2. Full time employee
  3. Retired
  4. Others (Mention) _______________

2) How many sources of income you have?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. More than two

3) What is the total amount salary per annum you get from your main job?

  1. 1-2.5lakh
  2. 2.5-5lakh
  3. More than 5 lakh

4) If you have more than one source of income then what is the total salary you get per annum?

  1. About 1lakh
  2. 1lakh-2.5lakh
  3. 2.5lakh – 5lakh
  4. More than 5lakh

5) Is your salary sufficient for you to bear all expenses?

  1. Yes, completely
  2. No, it is difficult
  3. Its all right

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