An online shopping survey helps to get an idea about the satisfaction level of a customer regarding a certain product that they have purchased on the internet. Through this survey, we also get the information that how the customer got information about the website. This survey is used by the website from which the customer do his shopping.

Online Shopping Survey Sample:


  1. What was your source of information through which you came to know about the website?

a)   Friends or Relatives

b)   Hoardings on the street

c)   Television commercials

d)   Radio

e)   Newspaper advertisement

2)How often do you do online shopping?

a)   Daily

b)   Once a week

c)   Once a month

d)   Once a year

3)Where do you find more convenient to do shopping for the product?

a)   Online

b)   Local store

4)Do you purchase any other products from our website?

a)   Yes

b)   No

5)Did you find the procedure of purchasing convenient?

a)   Yes

b)   No



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