More and more people are waking up the various virtues of earning easy money by way of internet survey jobs. These Online Survey companies need to gauge the pulse of their desired clientele and look out for various mediums to garner that information. The online survey companies are known to offer free surveys to be taken on line. On behalf of the survey being taken, the company either pays them in form of cash or gifts them free products. This is one of the most resorted methods taken by the companies as it directly contacts the customers and garners their information.

Online Survey Companies are known to compensate those who have taken the surveys in the following manners:

  • They are paid by cash. The industry practice is to pay $ 5 per survey taken. The companies are known to accumulate these amounts and pay them out in regular intervals or as and when they reach a particular amount.
  • The Online Survey Companies are known to pay them also in terms of vouchers that can be redeemed in various online sites or shopping malls. These vouchers are lucrative options for earning for those who are interested.
  • The online Survey companies are also known to give loads off freebies to those who have taken the surveys. Often, in case a new product is to be launched, then these surveys are resorted to and the company gifts those free samples for use.
  • These online Survey Companies are also known to compensate if a friend of the interested person takes the survey.

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