To know the inside story of the mind of a customer, surveys are generally conducted. These survey results show the mindset of an ordinary buyer with changing times. Typically an online survey involves undertaking a survey through various means which internet offers. The questions posed to the respondents are short and simple. To add a feel good touch, generally the survey page is designed in a more eye catching manner. Questions could vary from being a one worded answer to a simple sentence depending on the requirement of the particular survey.

Because of the hectic schedule of each person, this mode of survey is much preferred by the survey companies. Moreover, the user base of the internet is growing each day making them available for such surveys. With few clicks at any time of the day at respondent’s discretion, people don’t refrain too often. To make things more eventful, many survey companies offer them both monetary and non-monetary incentive as well. This has given birth to the phenomenon called ‘paid/incentivized survey’.

Online survey generally has an edge over the other traditional means of survey. The traditional paper surveys and telephonic surveys are becoming redundant these days. Since most of the prospective survey companies want data at lightening speed, taking online survey fits their bill. And yes, it’s cost-effective also.

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