An operations research survey is one that aims to identify the proper utilization of business resources by using various operations techniques. The survey is useful in analyzing the various aspects of business functioning in correlation to the internal and external factors. The survey helps in successfully evaluating information available for the past and present for future requirements. The survey is simple in structure yet technical specifications are obtained from the survey respondents.

Sample Operations Research Survey

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1. Do you know about the various tools that are made use of in business operations?

a) Yes

b) No

2. Please tell us the operations techniques that can be of most use to running a business successfully?


3. What do you think is the best way to reach out to the target audience of the business for increasing sales?

a) Better product quality

b) Better marketing techniques

c) Better convenience

d) Better pricing

4. According to you which are the most important factor in operations that determines business success?

a) Business profitability

b) Performance of products

c) Effective yield of products

d) Minimum risk

5. Please specify the problems that may be faced in business when implementing operations research techniques?

a. Objective information

b. Subjective information

c. Qualitative information

d. Quantitative information

6. What are the problem solving techniques that can be used properly in a business model for the benefit of the company?

a) Simulation model

b) Mathematical model

c) Queuing model

d) Decision model

7. What are the various manipulation techniques used in operations research that promote healthy business environment?


8. Please provide in brief as to what procedure is followed to record operations research analysis?


9. What are the challenges faced by the operations research analysis by a business company?


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