Canadians are waking up to the various virtues of opting for online Canadian survey websites. They are realizing that taking surveys is actually a great way to earn that extra bit of money. The only hitch is the fact that not all online paid survey website allows Canadians to take reviews. Here are the names of a few such websites that allows Canadians to take surveys.

-Survey Head: This website allows Canadians to actually participate in taking surveys. The best part about this website is that, they pay an instant bonus of dollar 5 the first time you register on to the site. You can start earning, even before you start to take a survey.

-Brand Institute:  This website pays very well. They are known to pay to the tune of 10 to 30 dollars per survey taken. The pay scale is way higher than other sites due to the complexities of the surveys listed on them. Most of the surveys pertain to medical issues and mainly doctors and nurses are known to take them.

-Toluna: This website was earlier known as your2cents. The website is famous for the large number of simple surveys listed on them. Almost anyone and anyone can participate in taking surveys. This website is also famous for giving bonus and other lucrative incentives that attract Canadians.

There are many websites that allow Canadians to take part in surveys. The idea is to read the registration page well in advance to ensure that the site you have chosen allows you to participate.

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