There are many sites that indulge in paid market surveys. These sites are known to beneficial to many companies, who are known to use these feedbacks to gather useful information about the customers. While, there are some sites that ask one to cough out extra money by way of paid registration fees, some sites do not have such norms.

Here are lists of a few highly paid market research sites that are famous worldwide.

-Opinions @ Trone: This is a great website and is known for its various benefits. This website was launched way back to ensure that companies can gather quick and real time information on the basis of these surveys.

-Survey4profit: This is a famous website that is known to compensate for surveys taken in form of cash or vouchers.

-Survey Savvy: This is another great website, which is known to do the rounds. This site is famous for the high paying surveys. They are known to pay as much as 3 dollars per survey taken. That is not all, this site ensures that they lure and attract people by offering bonus and vouchers.

-American Consumer Opinion: This was one great website that is known to be famous for the research surveys. Unlike other sites, this particular one, allows Canadians to take part. Even, Canadians can earn some extra bucks by taking surveys.

There are many sites that indulge in paid market research. If you are interested, then ensure that you read the norms and regularities very clearly.

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