Earning easy money by taking surveys is one of the most resorted modes all around the world. People are waking up to the various joys of paid for taking surveys. The best part about this is that even students get to earn some extra pocket money by taking these paid student surveys. The obvious question that would come to one’s mind, is that why would someone spend so much money on students to take surveys. The answer is that there are many companies who want students to take their feedbacks.

Paid Student Surveys Sample

1. How many surveys do you take per month?

a. 1 survey

b. 2 survey

c. 3 survey

d. 4 survey

e. 5 survey

f. In case of others, please specify…

2. What is the rate per survey?

a. 2 dollars

b. 3 dollars

c. 4 dollars

d. 5 dollars

e. In case, of others please specify…

3. Are you paid as per industry practice?

a. At par with industry practice.

b. Above industry practice.

c. Less than industry practice.

4. Are you satisfied taking paid surveys?

a. Yes, I am extremely satisfied.

b. I am dissatisfied.

c. Remotely satisfied

d. In case of others, please specify.

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