Paid survey for scam websites are on a rise like never before. There are many websites that allows one to take surveys and claims to pay. In reality, the picture is quite different. Many of these so called free online survey websites forget to pay the participants. That is not all; many of these fraudulent websites also charge a hefty registration fee from the interested participants.

Here are a few points to beware of

-Try and stay away from those sites that promise to pay you later but charge you upfront fees.

-Many of these websites claim that they pay extremely high amount per survey taken. Some websites even go on to claim, that they will give as much as $ 10 -$15 per survey taken. Think logically, why a company would pay such a hefty amount to a novice. Most of the companies would pay anywhere around one dollar to as much as five dollars. Any free survey website making tall claims might be a fraud one.

-Most of the fraud websites claim that you can earn huge sum of money each month as they will bombard you with surveys to be taken. The reality is far from this. Genuine websites, that offer payment for taking surveys, send a limited number of surveys each month. This makes your monthly income much lower than what they project. So any website making false promises, it makes sense to stay away from them.

Be prudent and ensure that you make the right choice by choosing the right website.

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