Paid Surveys are in essence, to some extent, based on carrot-and-stick approach of the management principles. The modus-operandi is simple. Each respondent is showered with some sort of incentives to successfully complete the painstaking survey process. Many a times such surveys woo the respondents with sweepstakes or cash. The reason why more and more entities resort to this tactic is its wide reach. With the trap of freebies, more than often they respondents succumb and fall prey to the booby-trap.

The fact that human instinct of greed plays a role in such surveys raises the very question of legitimacy. While unpaid surveys are perceived to be more legitimate because of this reason, it does suffer from a major shortcoming. The data thus gathered aren’t a representative of the larger section of the economy. Naturally, the market research executives don’t find enough ingredients needed for an in-depth analysis. This glaring defect often forces business establishments to adopt the paid survey mode to generate the required data flow at short notice.

There lies a hidden catch though! As a rule of these paid surveys, the respondents mandatorily require to furnish their credit card details. Over the years, the credit card users have often faced unethical mechanism usually taken by these agencies who conduct these paid surveys.

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