Perceived stress is a method of measuring stress in daily life. It helps to reach the causes and impacts of different type of stressful conditions. It also helps to reveal those symptoms of stress also that an individual may ignore or do not notice.

Perceived Stress Survey Sample

1. Do you easily get upset on those things that disturb your regular schedule?

A.  Yes.

B.  No

C. Often

D.  Depends on situation.

2. How do you like to spend your leisure time?

A. With family and friends

B.  Sleeping and watching TV

C. Clubs and pool game.

3.  In last 3 months how many times did you feel stressed out and tensed?

A. Number of times

B. Seldom

C. 3-4 times only.

D. It is a part of life.

4. in last few, months how many times you thought that things are going out of control and you are helpless?

A. Many Times.

B. 2-3 times

C. Never.

D. Can’t recall.

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