A personal financial planning survey is very important to assess the personal savings of an individual and helps to take investment decisions. This survey is taken by both an organization and also an individual. These types of surveys includes questions related to the amount of finance needed, time period and other related factors.

Personal Financial Planning Survey Sample

1. What is the amount of personal finance that you are looking forward to?

a) Less than $5000

b) Between $5000 and $ 10000

c) More than $10000

2. What is your reason for personal financing?

a) Starting a business

b) Buying shares

c) Buying property

3. What is the term in which you would be able to return your personal finance?

a) Five years

b) Three years

c) One ear

4. What is the source from which you intend to procure personal finance?

a) Bank

b) Friends

c) Other (please specify) ___________

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