A personal interview is being organized by the concerned authority in order to select the most able candidate/s to shoulder the responsibilities of a particular position. There technical know-how and the soft skills of the interviewee are tested thoroughly. His/her personal details are also taken into consideration. The personal interview survey is being designed for this specific purpose by the experts in the relevant field.

Personal Interview Survey Sample

Tell me something about yourself.


1. How will you add value to this particular position?

  1. I will focus on more distinct application of traditional concepts.
  2. I will bring in innovation.
  3. I will bring in efficiency irrespective of the strategies.

2. Are you comfortable in working as an individual or as one of the members in a team?

  1. Working as an individual
  2. Working as one of the members of a team
  3. Both would be fine

3. Will you do overtime work when told to do so?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. May be

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