A personality survey is one of the most common types of means to let one single out his personality traits. These types of surveys are drafted by personality grooming companies or personal counsellors.  Personality surveys are basically a set of questions which are either objective or subjective and are aimed towards getting out the points that describe the personality of the person answering the questions.

The questions in a personality survey may not always be direct. In some cases, a particular situation may be mentioned and the way a person reacts to the situation can help to find out the traits of the person. Hence it is not necessary to have short questions in the survey of this kind.

Personality surveys can be web based as well. Infact the web based surveys are the ones which get the maximum output and reaction from the people. For those people who are not sure of the kind of personality they have, it is always advisable to take these surveys in order to get an unbiased and practical opinion.

These surveys also help to eradicate any bad habit or negative personality trait from the respondent. The basic thing to be followed before framing a personality survey is the language used. It should be to the point and neither too casual nor too formal.

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