A Pharmacist salary survey reflects the kind of salary an individual could receive on this field. Through this kind of survey, one who is planning to pursue career as pharmacist can understand the latest pay scale of this field.

Pharmacist Salary survey Sample

1. On which factor the salary increment on this field depends?
a. Experience
b. Performance
c. Both on experience and performance

2. What is the present salary you are getting per annum?
a. More than 1.5 lakh
b. 1.5lakh-3 lakh
c. More than 3lakh
3. Do you get any extra allowances along with your salary?
a. Yes, handsome allowances
b. Not much
c. Nothing apart from salary
4. Are you satisfied with the amount of salary you are getting presently?
a. Highly satisfied
b. No, not at all
c. Somewhat satisfied
5. How often do you get salary increment?
a. Within a year
b. 1-2 years
c. After every 2years
d. Within 5years

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