Physician Salary Survey is taken as an important measure which has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a physician. This statistical tool can be used to figure out if their salary is at par with the industrial practice or not. Moreover, this tool is also used by individuals to find out, what they can earn in other locations, regions or companies.

Physician Salary Survey Sample

1. What is your total number of years you have been practising?

a. 0-5

b. 5-10

c. 10-15

d. If more than 15 years, please specify—————

2. Please name your field of specialisation.

a. Allergy

b. Ambulatory

c. Dermatology

d. Endocrinology

e. Gastroenteritis

f. Haematology

g. Neurology

h. Gynaecology

i. Others Please Specify———-

3. Which Hospital do you work for?

4. What is the exact location of your hospital?

5. Mention your level of job?

a. Head of Department

b. In charge

c. Night In charge

d. Doctor

e. Specialised Doctor

f. If others please specify————

6. How many doctors are there in your hospital?

a. Less than 10

b. Less Than 20

c. Less Than 30

d. If others please specify————–

7. Please elaborate your exact job profile

8. Are you satisfied with your salary?

a. Yes
b. No

9. Is your salary at par with industry?

a. Yes

b. No

10. Do you get other fringe benefits from your hospital?

a. Loan

b. Rebate

c. Medical Insurance

d. Free Health check up

e. House Allowance

f. Discounts

11. Number of years in your present hospital?

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