A planning survey template is a readymade tool that is used by several professionals to structure a well-knit plan in regards to a particular project or an assignment. The main benefit is streamlining of the main ideas of the plan, thus saving of time.

Sample Planning Survey Template:

Name: ________________ (name of the person taking the survey)

Age: ______________ (as per official date of birth)

Gender (male/female): __________

1. Are you coordinating with everyone involved in the plan? [ this question helps to know the coordination factor]

a. Yes, directly

b. Yes, indirectly

c. Not coordinating

2. Who is financing the plan? [ The question deals with financial resources]

a. Self

b. Friends/relatives

c. Third party

d. Partnership

3. Have you got any back-up plan ready in case your original plan fails? [ Question deals with back up plans]

a. Yes

b. Somewhat

c. No

4. Are you confident of the availability of other resources other than finance to process your plan?

a. Yes

b. Somewhat

c. No

5. Will you take responsibility if this plan fails?

a. Never

b. May be

c. Depends

d. Yes

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