A product analysis survey is one that is made use of by a manufacturing company to get evaluation about their products from customers. The survey provides details about the products and the preferences of the customer in the specified product range. The survey is also an ideal way to help the manufacturing company identify the problems in the products and take corrective steps accordingly. The survey aims to seek both the positive and negative aspects of the products in order to improve the negative aspects and sustain the positive aspects of the product. A sample product analysis survey is provided here below for a more clear understanding.

Sample Product Analysis Survey

Name of the product consumer: ________________________________

Address of the product consumer: ________________________________

Contact number of the product consumer: ________________________________

Email id of product consumer: ________________________________

1) Since when have you been using the product of our company?


2) According to you what is the best aspect of our company product that you are using right now?

a) Pricing

b) Quality

c) Availability

d) Brand name

3) What is your opinion about the after sales service that is provided by our company on our products?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor

4) What is your personal experience with buying our products and please specify if you have faced any problems at any point of time earlier?


5) Will you recommend our product to your friends and relatives in future?

a) Yes

b) No If you have answered no please specify reason here _________________________

6) Is there anything that you do not like about our company product?


7) Please suggest some recommendations that you think will improve the product according to your satisfaction from the following parameters?

a) Product packaging

b) Product pricing

c) Easy availability of product

d) Better quality of the product

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