Product development Survey is self funded by some agencies, manufacturing companies and an organization to obtain feedback of customers about designs, values, uses and disadvantages of a particular product to develop it or make revolutionary changes in it. Product development survey comes under market search which can be achieved online, manually on a form and door to door surveys.

Product development survey sample:

Q1. How long have you been associated with our brand and products?

Q2. Why do you like our products over others brands?

Q3. Do you think our products need some more development?

  • o Yes
  • o No
  • o Maybe

Q4.How do you rate our product’s durability?

  • o Excellent
  • o Satisfactory
  • o Fair
  • o Poor

Q5.What changes would you like to suggest us to make our product better?

  • o Quality
  • o Design
  • o Quantity
  • o Price

Q6. Please provide your valuable feedback regarding our brand and product so that we can serve you in a better way?

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