Product evaluation survey is initiated to know about the people’s reaction and current position of a particular product in comparison to other brands. Evaluation survey is very helpful in knowing the deficiency of a product and motivating an organization to mould it to meet people’s satisfaction level.

Product Evaluation Survey Sample:

Q1.The information provided with the user manual is sufficient to help you?

  • o True
  • o False
  • o Do not know

Q2.How do you evaluate our product on the base of daily usage as compared to the other products of same category?

  • o Very good
  • o Satisfactory
  • o Fair

Q3.How often would you like to buy our product over other brands?

Q4.Rate your satisfaction level with our product by referring to given attributes:

  • o Very satisfied
  • o Somewhat satisfied
  • o Not at all satisfied

Q5.Would you like to continue the use of our product?

  • o Yes
  • o No
  • o Not sure

Q6. Are there any changes which you would like to see in our product so as to enhance your satisfaction level?

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