Product marketing survey is a tool which is used to estimate the likings and disliking of the consumer as far as the product is concerned. This sort of survey is one of the widely used tools that help manufacturers understand the flaws in their product. Thus, they could always make it better in the times to come.

Product Marketing Survey Sample

1. How long are you using this product?

a. Less than 2 months

b. 2 to 8 months

c. 8 to 12 months

d. More than 1 year

2. Have you started using this product for any specific reason?

a. Yes

b. No

If Yes, Please specify ____________________________

3. What is the right alternative for you?

a. You tend to use the same brand for a long time

b. You always change brands on every consecutive purchase

4. Are you satisfied with this product?

a. Highly satisfied

b. No, not at all

5. Will you advise any of your friends to use this product?

a. Definitely

b. Don’t know

c. Absolutely not

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