Product Research Survey is done in order to find out the views of the customers regarding a particular product. This survey is done so that the organization comes to know that what the expectations of the customers are when they plan to buy a product.

Product Research Survey Sample

  1. 1. Prior to this, did you knew about this product?
  2. Yes I have bought the product before
  3. Yes but never purchased before
  4. No, I have seen it for first time
  1. 2. Based on packaging, what do you expect the cost of the product to be?
  2. Very expensive
  3. Expensive
  4. Not at all expensive
  1. 3. How do you find quality of the product based on packaging?
  2. Very good
  3. Good
  4. Fair
  5. Poor
  6. Unacceptable
  1. 4. What kind of purchase did you make?
  2. New purchase
  3. Curiosity
  4. Replacement
  1. 5. Where did you first heat about this product?
  2. Newspaper
  3. Friend
  4. Website
  5. Store
  6. Others, specify____________________________________________

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