Product satisfaction survey is a widely used technique to measure the consumption, attributes, product approach of customers and satisfaction levels of consumers. Such survey helps a company to overcome product deficiencies and record the growth of a particular product.

Product Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. How long have you been using this product?

  • o 1-2 years
  • o More than 2 years
  • o Never used
  • o Not using this product

Q2. Are you overall satisfied with our product?

  • o Yes
  • o No
  • o Not much
  • o Never satisfied

Q3. Compared to other available brand products in same category, how is our product?

  • Superior in quality
  • Easily available
  • Cost effective
  • Best in outcome
  • Not at all satisfactory

Q4. What changes and advancements should we initiate to make our product better to meet customer’s satisfaction levels?

Q5. Would you recommend our products to others?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Not so often

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