Product survey is the process of exploring the level of acceptance of a product by consumers to create a database for the manufacturing company. Questionnaires and polls are adapted to scan through public opinion about the concerned product. All marketers receive unsolicited proposals for publication of books, release of music albums, launch of products etc but many a times these are rejected after a cursory examination as they don’t fit into the customer demands or the marketing programmes. It is an utter waste of resources and energy.

Therefore, it is the surveyor’s responsibility to evaluate the convenience and relevance of the product, to assess the number of items he could sell and estimate the budget for the same. All this is possible only after a proper widespread survey.

The following important points must be abided by while doing the product survey:

  • It should be conducted on the target population and the different facets of the survey topics should be differentiated beforehand.
  • All the items should be premeditated and well planned out before final execution.
  • It is preferable to delimit the zone of survey and spread the tentacles of the research over a wider area to cover diverse people with diverse tastes.

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