Product testing survey is a method to improve the brand building and enhance the popularity of a product. Product testing surveys are generally done during the testing phase of the product before their mass launch so as to know the requirements and expectations of the customers.

Product Testing Surveys Sample:

Q1. What is more important to you while choosing a product?

  • o Best performance
  • o Value
  • o High quality
  • o Brand name

Q2. What is your yardstick to compare a product with other brands?

  • o Durability
  • o Easy to use
  • o Easy availability

Q3. Which of the given correspondences influence the most regarding a product?

  • o TV advertisement
  • o Print media
  • o Word- of- mouth
  • o internet

Q4. Do you feel that testing endorsements and laboratory details on products plays a crucial role while selecting a product?

  • o Yes
  • o No
  • o Not sure

Q5.Do you recommended the products with which you are satisfied to your relatives or friends?

  • o Yes
  • o No
  • o Never

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