Project managers are in-charge of any particular ongoing project and they have the responsibility to manage the other members involved with it. This job position is of high responsibility and it demands good remuneration. The project manager salary survey gives a detailed idea about the rate of salary a project manager receives.

Project Manager Salary Survey Sample

1. Being a project manager, how many times you have salary increment till date?

a. Not even once

b. 1-2 times

c. More than 2 times

2. What is your present salary per annum?

a. About 3 lakhs

b. More than 3 lakhs

c. Between 5-10lakhs

d. More than 10 lakhs

3. Does your salary changes with every new project?

a. Yes, it changes with every new project

b. No, it remains the same

c. Depends on the importance and tenure of a project

4. What is the rate of appurtenances you receive apart from salary?

a. Less than 50,000

b. More than 50,000

5. Rate your salary satisfaction out of 10 ____________

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