Psychology student stress survey is aimed to study the effect of those emotional, academic and subject related issues that a psychology student has to face during study which causes stress. Psychology itself is a subject to study the human mind and thoughts and sometimes the study procedure cause emotional disturbance or burden upon the students.

Psychology Student Stress Survey

1. Do you think that psychological tests and themes are putting pressure on your mind?

A. Yes.

B. Little bit.

C. No.

D. Very much.


2. Do you find your subject interesting or quite heavy/tough to grasp?

A. Interesting

B. Boring.

C. Heavy

3. Do you get active help from teacher for projects and assignments?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. A little bit.

D. To a large extent.

4. Is there any specific case study that disturbed you a lot?

A. No, never.

B. Yes always.

C. A few one.

D. Often it happens.

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