The qualitative research survey is a technique of enquiry into various disciplines. The research mainly deals with collecting and analysis of non-numerical data.

Printable Survey Report Template

Printable Survey Report Template

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Qualitative Research Survey Sample

  1. 1. Does your method involve exploring and understanding phenomena?

a)   Yes, it understands and analyzes data.

b)   No, it is based mainly on mathematical data.

  1. 2. Do your instruments categorize the answer for easy analysis?

a)   Yes, the instruments categorize the answers on the basis of their types.

b)   No such instruments are used.

  1. 3. Does it describe variation in relationship?

a)   Yes definitely

b)   Not at all

  1. 4. Is the format of the research open-ended?

a)   Yes absolutely.

b)   No, it is close-ended.

  1. 5. What is the format of your question?

a)   Numerical

b)   Textual

  1. 6. Are some aspects of the study flexible?

a)   Yes, it takes into account the newer questions raised in various interviews.

b)   N, it is very stable from the beginning to the end.

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