Those with leadership skills need to further quantify it in order to increase the scope of influencing more people for involving them for a good deed. The leader with leadership skills that gradually become stronger and more focused is bound to be an asset for any society or entity. The quantifying leadership survey is formulated and processed in this regards.

Quantifying Leadership Survey Sample

1. What is your opinion about strategizing in due course of accomplishing certain objectives?

  1. Strategizing and planning everything beforehand and sketching a clear idea about the course.
  2. Strategizing at each stage of the movement and moderating accordingly.
  3. The bulk of the strategy-making must be done at the start.

2. Do you believe in mentoring someone for becoming a future leader?

  1. Yes, on condition that the priorities of the mission don’t get hampered.
  2. Yes, on condition that there is an absolute need for doing so.
  3. There is no such need.

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