Rail Travel survey is a survey which is conducted by the railway department of a country or even by other travel organisation to evaluate the different views of people regarding their experiences of rail travel. These surveys are in the form of questionnaires which consist of multiple choices for the answers. This method is the easiest and cheapest methods to judge the good and the bad points regarding the rail travel taken by passengers.

Rail Travel Survey Sample:

1. How often do you take a train journey within the country in a year?

a) 0-3 times

b) 3-6 times

c) 6-10 times

d) More than 10 times

2. Are you satisfied with the condition of the railways?

a) Yes very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Not very satisfied

d) Not satisfied at all

3. If given a chance, would you travel by air or rail?

a) Air travel

b) Rail travel

4. What do you think about the rates of the railway travel in our country?

a) Very expensive

b) Expensive

c) Acceptable

d) Low and rightly priced

5. What do you think about the condition of the stations and platforms?

a) Extremely dirty and chaotic

b) Should be improved

c) Acceptable

d) Nicely maintained

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