Real estate survey brings forth the activity in real estate markets. It collects information from various Realtors, and is made to give members an overview of their market performance with sales and recent economic trials.

Real Estate Market Survey Sample

1. Do mortgage rates drastically affect real estate?

a. Definitely

b. somewhat

c. not really

2. Plots in which maximum sales have occurred

a. Home

b. Office

c. Shops

d. Other (specify)

2. A realtor’s most critical challenge

a. Gap of pricing between buyer and seller

b. Financing

c. National economy

d. Local economy

3. The amount of the latest transaction made by you.

a. below $500k

b. between 500k$ and $ 1 million

c. between 1million and 2 million $

d. above 2 million $

4. In which of the following is maximum vacancy available?

a. Office

b. Hotel

c. Industry

5. Average demand of rental area in latest transactions

a. <10000 sq feet

b.10, 000 to 49999 sq feet

c .49999 sq feet to 99999 sq feet

d. >100000 sq feet

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